Björn Engelmann

Björn is our senior mastering engineer and the owner of Cutting Room. With more succesful tracks under his belt than most in the industry he is the “go to guy” when you need your music to perform at its best with that award winning analog flavor. With a hollistic point of wiew and an unique ear for detail he has mastered more than 50.000 songs and counting.

The fact that he has recieved a WIMP award 2014 and a Denniz Pop Award 2017 for “most valuable person” speaks volumes. Björn likes to master together with the people involved and on any given day you might find Benny Andersson in his studio or maybe a fresh new talent mastering for the first time.

Regardless of prior experience you will get the same attention to detail and that iconic analog sound. But don’t take our word for it, check out some recent work by “the king of sound” in the list below. If you want contact Björn click here