Common questions - and answers

What is Fullservice Mastering?

Fullservice Mastering means you can join the mastering session, pick your favorite engineer, use stems and your project gets filed in our backup system for 1 year. You will get the best service and support that Cuttingroom can provide.

What is Online Mastering?

Online Mastering is our web based service where you send your files to us thru You can choose our 24 hour service (you will receive your mastered files within 24 hour from when we recived payment and files) or our 5 days service (you will receive your mastered files within 5 days from when we received payment and files). Weekends are not included in our 24 hours and 5 days service.
You can not choose engineer, can not join the session and your project will not get filed in our backup system. Björn Engelmann does not do Online Mastering.

How do I pay?

If you are a longtime client of ours and have a company we will send you an invoice. If you are a new client, private person or use our Online Service you will receive a PayPal invoice that needs to be paid before the mastering begins. The PayPal invoice can be paid thru a PayPal account or with a normal creditcard.

How do I upload files to Cuttingroom?

For Fullservice Mastering you will get info by mail where to upload. For Online Mastering all the info is in the PayPal invoice.

In what format do you want the files?

We prefer 24 bits (any sample rate between 44.1KHz to 192KHz) wav files. It’s important that you keep files in same format as mixed in, no conversion afterwards just to raise the sample rate. For Fullservice any format is accepted.

What should we think of before sending you our mixes?

Keep 2-6 dB headroom on the mix-buss. Bypass any brick wall limiter (like L2, Ozone etc). Listen carefully for any clicks or distortion in your files. These tends to be even more present after the mastering.

Do you also mix?

When we have time, some of our engineers mix as well depending on genre and budget. Please send a quote for mixing.

If we are not 100% happy with the mastering result, do we get a free revision?

We always aim to do our absolute best on every mastering but sometimes there is a technical error and sometimes there is an artistic difference between the original file and the mastered file. We want you to be happy so within reasons we do revisions for free.

Can I get one song test mastered for free?

We have been in the business for so long that we dont need to prove us anymore. If there is a whole album that someone wants to master here and get a short version of one song, it’s up to the individual engineer if they want to do it.