Martin Ankelius

Martin Ankelius has been in the music business since 1989. He started his carrier as an artist, then as a songwriter, producer and mixer. At the age of 19, he received his first gold single, of many, for the song “I Was Lucky” with  So What.

After his own successful artist career he went on to write and produce music for various artists. Martin’s songs and productions can be found on millions of records all over the world. To name a few; Tata Young, Ola Svensson, Da Buzz, Liberty X, Play, Magnus Carlsson, A-teens, Pandora, Leila K, Arashi, Ace of Base, N.E.W.S, Popsie, Carola, UPA Dance and many more.

Martin has been working as a Mastering Engineer here at Cuttingroom since 2012. He is in charge of our online mastering but also the man to contact when you need help with “Mastered for iTunes”. Martin masters a wide range of music genres, with equal enthusiasm and dedication.

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