Björn Engelmann

Björn Engelmann is the owner and Chief Mastering Engineer at Cuttingroom and has been mastering audio since 1980.

 Beginning with vinyl mastering, Björn has never left the love and passion for his analogue mastering equipment and still today makes a tremendous effort to make his studio perform at the highest level that the industry can offer.

Björn has mastered more than 50 000 (!) songs and no one in Scandinavia has ever been involved in more top 10 hits than himself. His dedication to detail has earned him great confidence from all the major record labels, artists, producers and engineers he has had the pleasure to work with. 
Björns range of work varies from pop, rock, jazz, R&B, classical, metal and hip hop and he has mastered so many famous artists and songs than we do not have the space to list them all.

And then there’s the birds….

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