Since 1978, we’ve been mastering hit music for the entire world. Through the years we have received an array of awards that we proudly share with the artists whose albums adorn our wall of fame.

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Vinyl mastering is a process of it´s own and we are proud to offer this service handled by engineers with more than 30 years of experience and knowledge of this art. Read more…
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Our engineers


Björn Engelmann
Mastering Engineer

Björn Engelmann is the owner and Chief Mastering Engineer here at Cuttingroom and has been mastering audio since 1980.


Mats Limpan Lindfors
Mastering Engineer

Limpan Lindfors – the King of Metal Mastering is also amazingly talented with Hip Hop, Pop, Dance and House music.


Martin Ankelius
Mastering Engineer

Martin Ankelius is in charge of our online service and the man who knows all about “Mastered for iTunes”.