Fullservice – file upload


Make sure your file(s) have plenty of headroom, no distortion or peaks over 0 dBFS.
If the sound of your mix depends on the plug-ins on your mix bus, keep them, but bypass your brickwall limiter on your mixbuss.

Upload your files on our wetransfer page:


If you are uploading files to Björn Engelmann, his email is bjorn@cuttingroom.se
If you are uploading files to Mats “Limpan” Lindfors, his email is limpan@cuttingroom.se
If you are uploading files to Martin Ankelius, his email is martin@cuttingroom.se

If you are uploading files to our “Online Service”, please use the link you received in your confirmation e-mail. If you haven’t booked your online mastering, please do so here.

Everything regarding the mastering such as labelcopys, titles, and ISRC codes can also be added (under add files) in the same upload to your Master engineer.

If you have any questions or problem please contact sales@cuttingroom.se