About us

Cuttingroom Studios have been in the music business since 1978 mastering audio for artists, producers, engineers and songwriters from all over the world. The songs that have made Top 10 are too many to be listed. So what’s the secret…..

Using only the best equipment and materials available we started up cutting high end quality lacquers and coppers (DMM) for vinyl and high quality masters for cassette production (MC). This has made Cuttingroom a respected name in the world of mastering.

The experience and skills obtained by our engineers during these years in handling all kind of audio , is a legacy that lives on within our mastering studios today.
Our philosophy is to bring out the best of your recording using only top notch equipment, in acoustically designed studios, that together with our feel and love for music will make your songs climb the charts.

We master all kind of material from pop, rock and R&B to jazz or classical music for media such as CD, vinyl, web and streaming.

If you need digital restoration, CD manufacturing or Mastered for iTunes files just send us an email to: sales@cuttingroom.se