What a great week, we’ve mastered music for De Vet Du, Darin, Oscar Linnros, Molly, Amanda Fondell, Nike & Röda Orkestern, Zara Larsson, Chosen By Gods and just finished a new fresh single with Robin Stjernberg.

100 Songs

We do a lot of  masters for the company 100 Songs. A company founded by Ola Håkansson, Ben Malén and Klas Lunding. Check out their website for new fresh artists and music.

Oskar Linnros

Better be quiet…. These guys looks very concentrated, making serious decisions whether to go for 1dB at 2kHz or 2.1kHz. Either way its gonna sound great, as Oskar Linnros music always do.

Gyllene Tider

More than 260 000 people saw Gyllene Tider on their summer tour in 2013.

Soon you will have the chance to hear the music and see the concert at home. Look out for their up coming Live CD and DVD. The music being mastered today in Cuttingroom Studio 2.




Kim Cesarion Album

Here they are….

Three talented guys with amazing skills to make fantastic, groovy music that last forever….forever….forever….Kim, Björn and Arnthor mastering the up coming album.

A fresh start!

We will be posting pictures of artist, producers and engineers coming to Cuttingroom for the final touch of their masterpieces. First out is this amazing duo called “Wildbirds & Peacedrums”. Totally fresh and unique sound with only drums and vocals. Today in session with “Limpan” in Studio 2.